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Energy Consulting

Reducing operating costs by implementing successful energy efficiency retrofit projects can be a daunting and time consuming task.  The energy conservation market is crowded, misinformation is rampant and the technologies are changing rapidly.  Once an energy efficiency product is selected, you must then negotiate the confusing yet crucial contract to fully protect your interests.  Finally, you need a way to verify then document the savings from your retrofits in both the short term and over time.

Gone Green Earth is an energy consulting firm providing temporary resources to assist in all aspects of reducing your energy costs.  We
specialize in creating and executing energy efficiency retrofit Request for Proposals (RFPs) along with strategic national energy plans for large, geographically dispersed corporations. This is part of our "Energy Consulting Roadmap" that assists Fortune 1000 companies in defining, selecting, measuring the return on investment and successfully installing energy saving solutions for up to 14 distinct categories across your many enterprise locations.  These categories include lighting, HVAC, refrigeration and energy management control systems.  Most of the information developed during our studies can also be applied to your new construction projects to increase their energy efficiency and potential LEED certification.

"Energy Consulting Roadmap" helps assure you obtain the:

        - Best vendor to achieve your energy reduction goals
        - Proven and time tested energy saving solutions
        - Lowest price for the optimal solution
        - Most comprehensive warranty
        - Highest energy rebates
        - Top installation service provider
        - Excellent support during and after the warranty period

Gone Green Earth is an energy efficiency consulting firm located in Tampa Bay, Florida.  Our customers include some of the largest corporations in the restaurant, financial services and the hospitality industry from across the country.  Please review several of our latest projects for additional details.

                For a complimentary energy audit, please contact us: 813-908-6826 or email gonegreenearth@live.com 
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