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News and Sample Projects 

Melia Orlando Suite Hotel Implements Energy Efficiency Solutions and Saves
Gone Green Earth specified, selected and managed the implementation of multiple energy efficiency solutions for the hotel and restaurant that included:

  • Energy Management System (EMS) – monitors, controls and maximizes the efficiency of all air conditioning (AC) systems for the hotel hallways, guest registration welcome lobby, administrative offices, mechanical rooms and the restaurant, 360 American Bistro & Bar.  The system includes automatic thermostat set-backs for low traffic hours to further reduce energy usage.
  • Heat recovery water heating solution – takes the wasted heat from the air conditioning (AC) refrigerant line to produce free hot water whenever the AC system is running, which reduces energy usage. 
  • Water conservation Smart Valve – installed right after both the main water line and the irrigation meters, this unique solution reduces water usage and costs without lowering hotel room water pressure (i.e. affecting the guest experience).  The irrigation line water valve has already reduced water usage by 24%.
  • Recommissioning of all AC systems – this comprehensive annual maintenance program on all AC equipment ensures they are running at peak efficiency to reduce unnecessary wasted energy.
  • Frylow™ cooking oil and energy reduction solution – this unique solution doubles the lifespan of fryer cooking oil, reducing oil usage and disposal by 50%.  It also reduces overall fryer energy costs by working at lower cooking temperatures. Most importantly, this technology reduces oil absorption by 47%, creating healthier and better tasting food for our guests. 


Melia Orlando Suite Hotel Saves with a Gone Green Earth Comprehensive Energy Audit
Gone Green Earth conducted a comprehensive energy audit and provided a gap analysis for the Melia Orlando Suite Hotel at Celebration in beautiful Disney World, Florida.  The analysis for the hotel and restaurant included: implementing an energy management system (EMS) for the hotel guest rooms; energy management integration for the cooling tower and their roof top package units; heat recovery water heating; LED lighting with controls; variable frequency drives for all HVAC and refrigeration systems; water conservation; demand ventilation grille hood; energy bill analysis; energy rebate calculation and tax incentives. The final deliverable also contained a payback estimate with a ranking of all possible energy retrofit initiatives. The project was delivered on time and on budget so the Melia engineering staff members were completely satisfied with the in-depth analysis.

Gone Green Earth Meets with Lighting Industry Leaders
The National Association of Lighting Management Companies (NALMCO) annual convention and trade show is a three-day event held annually.  Participants include the premier nationally recognized lighting management company owners, lighting maintenance service representatives, lighting and energy consultants, electrical contractors, energy service companies, specialty lighting distributors, manufacturers and utilities.  In addition to attending educational sessions on the latest lighting developments, the convention provided an opportunity to meet with representatives from a variety of companies including:  lighting manufacturers - Cree, Sylvania, Hubbell and GE; distributors - Graybar and Gexpro; installation/maintenance service providers – A & K Energy, Rogers Electric and Facility Solutions Group; lighting agents – SESCO and Ripple Associates; Utilities - TECO and ConEdison.


Gone Green Earth Receives State-of-the-Art Energy Efficiency Industry Updates
In order to remain updated on all aspects of energy auditing and efficiency – lighting, HVAC, ventilation, water, building envelope
 Gone Green Earth became a member of the Association of Energy Engineers (AEE).  AEE is a great source for information and networking in the dynamic fields of energy engineering, energy management, renewables, power generation, energy services and sustainability. AEE has a membership base of over 17,000 professionals in 90 countries and it is highly recognized for its energy certification programs.  AEE’s network of 95 local chapters located throughout the U.S. and abroad meet regularly to discuss issues of regional importance.

National Restaurant Chain Chooses ZeroEnergy® for New Energy Efficient Concept Restaurant
Corporate energy executives at one of the world’s largest casual dining companies constantly strive to reduce costs and protect the planet as part of their overall environmental stewardship program.  In an effort to achieve their energy efficiency goals, they evaluated the ZeroEnergy® heat recovery water heating system before choosing it for their new energy efficient concept restaurant.  The ZeroEnergy® heat recovery solution produces free hot water from normally wasted heat when the air conditioning system is running.  During the testing period at one of their restaurants, ZeroEnergy® saved 71% on water heating costs, provided annual energy savings of $1,942 and had a simple payback of 2.5 years.  ZeroEnergy® is marketed by Gone Green Earth in conjunction with the manufacturer, Olive Tree Energy.  Gone Green Earth also markets ZeroEnergy® to commercial and residential customers through Home Depot’s web site – www.homedepot.com.  

Gone Green Earth Becomes a Member of the Association of Energy Auditors
In order to remain updated on all aspects of energy auditing and efficiency – lighting, HVAC, ventilation, water, building envelope – Gone Green Earth became a member of the Association of Energy Engineers (AEE).  AEE is a great source for information and networking in the dynamic fields of energy engineering, energy management, renewables, power generation, energy services and sustainability. AEE has a membership base of over 17,000 professionals in 90 countries and it is highly recognized for its energy certification programs.  AEE’s network of 95 local chapters located throughout the U.S. and abroad meet regularly to discuss issues of regional importance.

New York City Office Tower Facility Manager Utilizes Gone Green Earth
When the facility manager of a New York City commercial office tower needed to develop a return on investment (ROI) analysis for a planned multi-floor lighting retrofit, they needed a partner with lighting and market expertise.  Gone Green Earth was chosen to develop the ROI by analyzing LED versus fluorescent luminaire costs, comparing ConEdison to NYSERDA rebates, obtaining installation costs and determining the expected consulting services rebates.  With the ROI information provided along with our analysis, the project was fully funded.


Gone Green Earth Project Assures Success
After creating the specifications then choosing the winning bidders for this complex project, a variety of contractors were chosen to cost effectively complete the Memorial Airport Parking of Tampa project.  The implementation consisted of a multifaceted vendor team that included luminaire distributors, electrical contractors, paving companies, lighted sign fabricators and video surveillance camera manufacturers.  The implementation included:  25’ pole luminaires with bi-level dimming, trenching the parking lot for electrical conduit, new LEDs for the car port and installing an internally lit LED monument logo sign.  After carefully studying all types of video surveillance camera options, IP surveillance equipment was strategically implemented in key locations.  The parking lot owners are completely satisfied with the overall project and the customers agree - occupancy is up by over 25%!

Gone Green Earth Provides Lighting Subject Matter Expertise
One of the nation’s largest property management firms wanted to leverage their entire client portfolio to maximize savings by creating a comprehensive centralized repository of best-of-breed lighting solutions, product evaluations and vendors.  They chose Gone Green Earth as their lighting subject matter expert to assist in this process.  The goals of the multifaceted project were to provide greater efficiency across the client portfolio, maximize discounts through national contracts, receive preferential vendor support, develop a centralized lighting solution data repository, target high return on investment applications, streamline the request for proposal process and maximize rebates by combining multiple projects across their client portfolio.

Memorial Airport Parking of Tampa Reduces Lighting Costs by 70% with LEDs
Upon completion of a thorough analysis, Gone Green Earth created a request for proposal (RFP) that included LED retrofits for all parking lot poles, new LED car port luminaires and a complete electrical system update.  Photometric renderings for all 25’pole areas were used to maximize light levels and reduce dark areas while minimizing wattages before creating the optimal specifications.  Solutions were considered from a variety of manufacturers, distributors and electrical contractors before LED pole luminaires from Cree were selected along with LED panels for car port areas.  Replacing the existing 250w metal halide pole luminaires with high efficiency LEDs generated an electrical cost savings of over 70%.  Bi-level dimming was also implemented which further reduced electrical costs without sacrificing security light levels. 

Savings Analysis and Success Story Creation for Olive Tree Energy
In addition to assisting companies in successfully selecting and implementing energy saving technologies, Gone Green Earth helps technology manufacturers market their energy saving solutions to large organizations.  Olive Tree Energy, the Tampa manufacturer of the patented ZeroEnergy® heat recovery water heating system uses Gone Green Earth consulting to create all of their success stories.  After designing a standard analysis model to capture the savings data, success stories have been created for a variety of customers including major restaurant chains, country clubs, hotel chains and residential homeowners.  This analysis and the success stories have been an extremely effective way for Olive Tree Energy to prove scientifically how ZeroEnergy® saves their customers money.  Having these professionally designed tools has helped Olive Tree Energy win new business from major corporations in many different industries.


Memorial Airport Parking of Tampa Chooses Gone Green Earth Consulting
After purchasing the Memorial Airport parking facility that services the Tampa International airport, the new owners wanted to transform the property into a customer friendly environment while implementing green initiatives to reduce energy costs.  Gone Green Earth consulting was chosen to provide an analysis of all existing luminaires, the electrical infrastructure and lighted signage along with evaluating video security camera alternatives.

Innovative Water Conservation Valve Company Chooses Gone Green Earth to Create Success Stories
TERAValve™ is an innovative patented product designed to improve water meter accuracy and achieve water conservation. With many satisfied customers but no standard way to measure success, the manufacturer selected Gone Green Earth to analyze customer data then create success stories documenting the savings.  Focusing first on their top customers, success stories have already been created for a major national hotel chain, an apartment building and one of the largest high rise residential condominium complexes in the US.  With Gone Green Earth consulting services, the makers of TERAValve™ now have a standard system to document their customer’s savings before and after installation.  Many more success stories are currently being planned for a variety of industries. 


Attended Lightfair in Las Vegas
Gone Green Earth attended the annual Lightfair conference in Las Vegas which is considered the largest lighting conference in the world.   With well over 600 vendor exhibits, this was a perfect opportunity to compare/contrast the newest lighting solutions from all of the major vendors including Philips, Acuity, Osram Sylvania, GE, Cree, Cooper, Hubbell and TCP along with smaller specialty lighting vendors.  We also studied the latest dimming capabilities, energy management solutions and wireless lighting control systems from all of the top suppliers.  Besides the obvious LED theme, it is very clear that the lighting industry is a rapidly changing, high tech marketplace with very complex options.  Making the best selection to successfully address your particular lighting objectives definitely requires extensive research and analysis for this long-term investment.
Awarded Project to Create a Floating Solar Sustainability Audit

Gone Green Earth was awarded a consulting project to create a sustainability audit questionnaire and process for a patented floating solar solution.  Floating solar is highly beneficial because it does not occupy valuable land, substantially lowers water evaporation, acts as a theft deterrent, has increased PV efficiency from water based cooling which also removes dirt/dust and it decreases algae formation from reducing direct sunlight.  After successfully installing this unique solar system in Europe, Australia and Japan, this engineering firm is beginning to market their products in the United States.  Gone Green Earth was chosen based upon our ability to take complex sustainability technologies then credibly translate their features, benefits and applications into a comprehensive return on investment analysis that business people can readily understand.  The project includes creating a success story, technology white paper, sustainability audit questionnaire and report deliverable document with detailed technical information along with a summary for executives.

Gone Green Earth Attends The Annual NAESCO Conference

Gone Green Earth attended the annual NAESCO (National Association of Energy Service Companies) conference in Orlando.  NAESCO is a national association promoting the benefits of energy efficiency, verification methodologies and rigorous accreditation programs for ESCOs, Energy Service Providers and Energy Efficiency Contractors.  The conference provided an opportunity to meet with a variety of top energy efficiency companies to continue studying the current leading solutions, better understand the newest technologies and learn more about the latest installation procedure efficiencies.  The companies visited included some of the largest US and overseas lighting manufacturers, mid-tier specialty lighting manufacturers, HVAC efficiency experts, Energy Service Providers, EPAct tax specialists and lighting controls suppliers. These companies provided information on unique LED retrofit kits for existing luminaires, one-step LED retrofit kits for various applications, the newest lamp technologies, lighting controls functionality, proven alternative HVAC systems and the most up-to-date tax advantages for efficiency upgrades. Gone Green Earth will be studying, comparing and checking the reliability of these solutions for various customer applications.  


Release of Large LED Retrofit Project for Fortune 100 Financial Services Firm

As part of a consulting engagement for one of largest worldwide financial services firms, Gone Green Earth released a large parking garage and parking lot LED retrofit Request for Proposal (RFP).  The project has nearly 1000 metal halide luminaires that will be converted to LED with wireless controls for occupancy dimming and daylight harvesting.  Gone Green Earth created a custom designed score card to rank the top vendors along with their solutions.   Gone Green Earth will also develop a detailed return on investment analysis along with savings metrics to be used before and after implementation of the new LED luminaires and controls.


Gone Green Earth Delivers Lighting Analysis Report for International Restaurant Chain
After a thorough analysis of the interior and exterior lighting marketplace, the release of a comprehensive Request for Information (RFI) along with creating a custom scorecard to rank the results, Gone Green Earth delivered an extensive lighting analysis report to one of the world’s largest international restaurant chains.  The analysis included interior and exterior lighting for LED, fluorescent and induction lighting solutions from the top manufacturers, distributors and national installation companies.  The objective of the study was to create a roadmap of the top vendors and solutions so corporate and franchisees would have a list of the most qualified vendors to provide lighting alternatives for LED, induction and fluorescent lamps/luminaires.  A return on investment (ROI) analysis was also included.  Depending upon the restaurant location, wattage, hours of operation and their energy provider, the ROI varied from 1.8 to 3.5 years in most cases.


Worldwide Financial Services Firm Awards LED Lighting Consulting Project to Gone Green Earth
One of the world’s largest financial services firms selected Gone Green Earth as their lighting consultant to convert two large parking garages and parking lots from metal halide luminaires to a state-of-the-art LED solution with wireless controls.  As part of a consulting engagement, Gone Green Earth will analyze the parking garage LED lighting solutions then create an all-inclusive request for proposal (RFP).  The RFP will cover vendor capabilities, references, LED luminaire features, daylight harvesting, occupancy dimming and a complete wireless control system.  The wireless control system will provide the ability to control all of the luminaire functions from a smart phone, tablet computer or PC.  It will also automatically alert the operators of any luminaire failures and track energy usage on a real time basis.


Gone Green Earth Awarded Lighting Consulting Engagement for Top Restaurant Chain
Gone Green Earth has been contracted by one of the largest international restaurant chains to create and execute a comprehensive lighting request for information (RFI).  The RFI will include interior and exterior lighting for LED, fluorescent and induction lighting solutions from the top manufacturers, distributors and national installation companies in the industry.  After creating the lighting specifications, releasing the RFI and tabulating the responses, Gone Green Earth will use a custom scorecard to rank the vendors along with their solutions.  The results of the study will be utilized to help create a lighting strategy for both their corporate and franchise owned restaurants. 


Gone Green Earth Sells ZeroEnergy™ Heat Recovery Water Heating Solution at Home Depot.com
Gone Green Earth
is now selling one of the industry’s leading heat recovery solutions, the ZeroEnergy™ water heating system through The Home Depot’s web site - www.homedepot.com  ZeroEnergy™ has been successfully installed to create free hot water in restaurants, country clubs, housing authorities, residential homes and many other businesses that utilize large amounts of hot water.  ZeroEnergy™ is a unique, innovative heat recovery system that provides free hot water while your air conditioner (AC) system is running.  It connects to both your outdoor AC unit and your water heater, helping them both work more efficiently. Because water heating can be as much as 30% of your total energy bill, the higher your current water heating bill, the quicker ZeroEnergy will pay for itself.  ZeroEnergy™ works so well that in the warmer months when your AC is running constantly, the hot water portion of your energy bill can be reduced to zero.  ZeroEnergy™ is manufactured by Olive Tree Energy (www.olivetreeenergy.com) in Tampa, FL.  For a direct link to the ZeroEnergy product description on The Home Depot web site, please click here.  

Gone Green Earth Wins Lighting Consulting Project with National Restaurant Company 
After an exhaustive evaluation, Gone Green Earth was selected to create an extensive lighting request for information (RFI) for a national restaurant corporation.  The consulting includes studying LED, induction and fluorescent solutions for various lighting applications.  After analyzing the lighting marketplace, Gone Green Earth will create an extensive RFI questionnaire to evaluate the top vendors and their lighting solutions for a potential national lighting roll-out.  

         For a complimentary energy audit, please contact us: 813-908-6826 or email gonegreenearth@live.com 
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