Gone Green Earth Energy Efficiency Consulting
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           Energy Consulting for a Greener Planet                                            
The Solution

Solution - Gone Green Earth Energy Consulting

Many companies have the internal expertise to execute energy efficiency projects but these resources are already dedicated to other activities.  Analyzing the market and providing the necessary documentation can be a time consuming and arduous process. Even though these retrofit projects may have a highly desirable return on investment, many times these savings are unrealized or constantly delayed.
Gone Green Earth focuses predominantly on lighting and HVACR retrofits, since these are the highest payback areas.  Because we have many years of software experience, we also assist in the selection of Energy Monitoring Systems to assure  the reporting requirements are maximized to verify your retrofit energy savings.  Our services are tailored to add value to your internal expertise and they may include:
  • Develop preliminary project ROI analyses
  • Identify highest return solutions
  • Coordinate the implementation of Energy Monitoring Systems (EMS) in test locations
  • Identify best of breed vendors
  • RFI and RFP creation and execution
  • Vendor scorecard analysis
  • Detailed vendor, product, warranty, rebate, price analysis
  • Vendor proposal and contract analysis
  • Negotiate price protection & technology upgrades
  • Maximize ROI via a planned rollout
  • Monitor rebates, verify savings and provide timely management reports  


     Objective: Provide an energy efficiency retrofit success
     roadmap for unique and proven complementary solutions
     that reduce energy costs while lowering your carbon footprint.

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