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Gone Green Earth Consulting Services 
Drastically Reduces the Decision Making Process Time 
Without Sacrificing the Quality and Cost Effectiveness of the Solution 
So Energy Savings Can Begin Sooner

Once a decision is made to move forward with an energy efficiency retrofit project, the most critical and complex work begins.  It includes specifying the important features and functionality along with the needed integration into your existing infrastructure then selecting the optimal solution at the most competitive price.  

Gone Green Earth has over 25 years of experience buying and selling complex solutions and we are highly knowledgeable in all aspects of the energy efficiency retrofit marketplace.  With our expertise, we can drastically reduce the overall project time while still assuring the best results, so you can start reducing energy costs as quickly as possible.  These consulting services can all be delivered at a reasonable cost to you as they are based upon the payback for each project.

The Gone Green Earth Energy Efficiency Roadmap reduces the decision making time while still comprehensively studying the market to select the best solution at the lowest price for your unique situation.  With our rapid deployment techniques, a one to two year process can be accomplished in three to six months.  A Gone Green Earth energy efficiency retrofit analysis identifies areas where implementing retrofits will save money along with the expected payback.  

The following outlines the industry best practices along with some of the specific events and activities conducted by
 Gone Green Earth to achieve a successful energy efficiency retrofit project. This occurs in a much shorter timeframe then the typical corporate committee process, because our experience allows functions to occur simultaneously as opposed to in a linear progression.  In many cases, we already know the short list of top vendors for your particular type of project based upon the overall requirements.  The appropriate questions, considerations and information required to successfully complete each phase needs to be developed for each specific situation.                                                 

                        High Efficiency Retrofit Project Best Practices Overview

  • Define project goals
    • Initial savings targets and ROI analysis (including rebates, depreciation, maintenance savings)
    • Begin to formalize goals and requirements
      • Will change and develop during latter phases of the project
      • Conduct “laboratory” testing at the beginning of the project
  • Create and issue a Request for Proposal (RFP)
    • Include general specifications for future potential projects
      • Helps secure the best pricing/terms for this project
    • Provide open specifications, so multiple manufacturers can respond
    • Company background, references, product capabilities
    • Released to the top highly qualified suppliers
      • Typically 3-5 vendors
      • Manufacturers, national distributors and installation contractors
  • Analyze RFP responses
    • Custom scorecard analysis
    • Develop a short list of the top 1-3 suppliers
  • Testing and savings verification phase
    • Finalize quality goals and requirements based upon desired results
      • Electrical system and network modifications (if required for certain desired options)
    • Utilize vendor input based upon your goals
    • Quality parameter verification; Pre and post energy savings verification
      • Add any desired controls or links to Energy Management (EMS) or Building Management (BMS) systems
        • Calculate incremental savings
  • Final vendor selection
    • Price finalization
    • Contract negotiation
    • Negotiate the best warranty terms and conditions
  • Create a project rollout plan
  • Post installation activities
    • Select multiple installation vendors by region (if necessary)
    • Monitor savings and maintenance cost reductions
    • Maximize/monitor rebate processing
    • Establish an on-going maintenance program, as needed
      • If possible, have vendor implement a web-based system                                        

         For a complimentary energy audit, please contact us: 813-908-6826 or email gonegreenearth@live.com 
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