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Retrofit Market Challenge


The Challenge - Energy Efficiency Retrofit Confusion

As energy prices continue to rise, reducing energy costs and adding to the bottom line through the implementation of energy efficiency retrofits will continue to be a priority for Fortune 1000 companies. Because energy studies show lighting and HVACR are always the top two energy usage areas, this is a cost effective area to focus limited resources.

On the supply side, many large companies are already purchasing energy from the lowest cost providers where ever deregulation exists. However, reducing operational costs on the demand side can be a daunting and time consuming task. 

Some of the energy efficiency market segments are crowded with many different types of vendors while others have only a few choices. There are either no clear leaders or there are many viable alternatives with products that are difficult to compare. All of these retrofit companies take a slightly different approach and the technology continues to evolve rapidly. In some of these energy areas, misinformation is rampant based upon the excitement and hype of a new product. Often there is no clear dominant choice to provide, install and support large companies on a national basis.

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